Why I should carry mace. 06-27-07 14:26
I don't know why but crazies LOVE me.

Creep story one- I was waiting for the 29 on Roots and this guy walked up and waited for the bus too. He kept on offering me a cigarette and I kept on declining saying that I didn't smoke. He kept on getting closer to me and calling me 'baby' and 'honey'. So I yelled 'Get away from me, I DON'T know you!' To which he replied, 'What do you mean you don't know me we dated for a year!' So I ran away from him towards a couple near by with him yelling behind me: 'I don't know what you want me to do, I just love you!'

Creep story two - Waiting for 29 again but this time at the MTC. I was reading the Mercury, sitting in the shade, happy, blah blah blah. This woman wonders by me a few times before she stands directly over me for a few minutes and then sat down next to me, really freakin close.
Normally this would not bug me too bad but I was already having a bad day and it was hot out so I was very short tempered. So I proceeded to send her the nastiest look I could. This however seemed to be an invitation for her to make small talk.
'How are you?'
'Oh yeah well I think I must have a case of the morning blues...I woke up today at four and I was sad....And now I'm going to work and I think it's mean that.......' (I stopped listening.)
So I moved away from my comfy smoke free spot to a bus shelter where people were smoking. SHE FOLLOWED ME.
And I kept on moving.
This went on 15 minutes before my bus actually came.

There's more stories but my desire-to-type has gone away.


I'm semi-depressed. And I haven't really felt this bad in awhile. I can't figure out why I'm letting stuff get to me now.
Maybe I'm sick.
My head hurts...I think I'll nap.

What are people doing tonight?

My house:
Ali bitching
Ice cream

Come over!
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